The goal of this appliance is to make the upper jaw wider.

Today you received a new orthodontic appliance. It seems that the beginning of everything new is always the biggest step. We want this transition to be easy for you, so here are things to remember.
  • At first, this appliance feels bulky in your mouth but soon you will get used to it. (48-72 hours)
  • You will have more saliva in your mouth until your brain gets the idea that the expander is not something to eat. During this adjustment period you will have to swallow more often. If this is difficult, drink a few glasses of water taking small sips and you will learn to swallow more easily.
  • In the beginning, your speech may be distorted. This will pass quickly but you can speed up this adjustment by practicing reading aloud for 1 hour.
  • A space may form between the front teeth. This is temporary and the space will close once the activation is complete.
  • Some foods may become lodged in the roof of the mouth. Just take a drink of water and swish around until the food is washed away.
  • Occasionally, you may feel pressure when the key is turned. This is normal If you feel that it is too much pressure you can take Tylenol or Advil.
  • There is nothing we can put in your mouth that is indestructible. If this appliance should become loose, stop turning the key and please call the office.

  1. The key is placed in the forward hole and pushed from the front to the back.
  2. Note: The direction is from the front of the mouth to the back of the throat and not a twisting of the key.
  3. Be sure to push the key all the way to the back so that the next hole is completely visible and accessible for the next turn.


If the lower jaw (mandible) is not progressing at the same rate as the upper jaw, or if teeth are coming in crooked due to overcrowding, your doctor may install lower expanders to correct the problem.

One such appliance is the Herbst with Expanders.
At first and also during activation of the appliance, patients may experience a discomfort that should be alleviated by pain medication such as Advil or Tylenol. Soft foods are recommended for the first few days as patients become accustomed to the appliances. In addition, during treatment, patients may experience a widening of the space between their front teeth, and this will subside and close after treatment.

During treatment, patients should be sure to clean the appliance and brush their teeth after each meal to avoid tooth decay or infection. Finally, certain foods are to be avoided during the treatment, such as hard foods and sticky foods. Your doctor can provide you with a specific list of problem foods.


The goal of this appliance is to move the upper molars back

The Nance Appliance will hold the molars in their corrected position

This appliance is a unique way of correcting the side bite of the teeth. It also eliminates the need to wear a headgear or a functional appliance. This appliance uses the angle at the roof of the mouth as an anchor to move the molars back into their correct bite. A large plastic button touches the roof of the mouth and very resilient wire springs act in a broad swinging arc to move the molars back. If the upper jaw needs to be widened somewhat, an expansion screw is incorporated and is activated by the patient exactly as the doctor instructed. The pendulum appliance is somewhat cumbersome and takes a little getting used to, but it is so beneficial in the overall treatment of many malocclusions. It will be in the mouth for about 3 to 5 months.

After molars are moved back into their proper bite, a permanently cemented retainer (the Nance appliance) is used to keep the molars in that new corrected position. A small plastic button is attached to the molar teeth via a wire and rests against the roof of the mouth and is in place for several months while the other side teeth are brought into their correct position.


Good brushing allows:
  1. Healthy Gums: Notice nice tight pink gum; no inflammation.
  2. Solid Enamel: Notice how clean the braces are. Notice how clean and bright the teeth are. This is a healthier situation and will help prevent decalcification and cavities.

At SweetSmileClub.com click on “Brushing & Flossing” to review brushing techniques.

Consistently Clean Teeth and Gums -
The Foundation of a Great Smile!!!!



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